2017 Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour

Brad Wendt  January 2018

The tournament directors of the past year again put on a record breaking season. There were 3063 tournament player entries including the Finale. 7568 rounds were played during the entire WI DISC GOLF TOUR including the Finale.

Rounds played were broken down like this:

Spring Opener, Skyline Classic, Prairie Open, GMO, Pickle, FVO, Zobal, Riverside Open, Smackdown, JTO and the Finale were 2 round events. 1621 entries x 2 rounds = 3242 player rounds.

Standing Rocks, Tower Ridge, MCO, Silver Cup were 3 round with NWO and LSO using 2 - 27 hole rounds which will be figured as 3 round events. 1442 entries x 3 rounds =4326 player rounds.


28 courses were used in 20 different communities throughout the state of Wisconsin. Nice area coverage of top tournaments for interested spectators, volunteers and sponsors. Kenosha to Superior, Manitowoc to Sparta and 13 places between.

8 tournaments used 1 course, 6 stops used 2 courses, 2 stops used 27 holes with one being a mix of  two courses, 1 stop used 3 courses and a 24 hole mix of two courses, 1 stop used 4 courses. This variety gave every player interesting different looks on how to approach each different tournament. Included in the tour was a large range of temperatures as well as some very heavy rains. No snow on the ground this year though.

The tour does not dictate which divisions must be awarded by WI Disc Golf Tour “Black Discs”. The players control what divisions can earn a black disc. When a division gets at least 3 players entered at any tournament, the winner receives the “coveted” Black Disc. 196 Black Discs were earned and 13 Finale gold discs earned. 20 divisions did earn a Black disc at least once this year. Divisions earning one were Pro Master Women, Legend, Intermediate Master*, Novice Women and Junior. 15 Champion Divisions earned the champion status including at the last stop when Rec Women and Pro Senior Grand Master joined that group.


This year saw some interesting division competition which went down to the last WI Tour stop of the year. There were divisions that were dominated by a single player and every scenario between. Please find the “Division winner” list following this article.


To celebrate the 25th year of the WI Disc Golf Tour, 170 Innova Shimmer Star 25th WI Tour and Finale John Dorn discs were stamped. Models are Teebird, Colossous, Roc 3 and Destroyer. The tour does not often (as in never before) offer WI Tour merchandise but to make the Finale a bit more special, every player received one of these collectable discs in their player package. Remaining 25th special discs are available as a WI Tour fund raiser.


​The 2017 Finale experimented with both format and qualification. Only invited qualifiers could play. If a qualifier did play, the next in line from that division received their invite. This ended up more labor than we need, so we will go back to an invite that opens to a wait list with a week remaining before the Finale.

The format went back to skins which was used for many years at least 10 years ago. A change from the normal B Tier seemed the way to go. We felt the WI Tour already ran 16 minimum B Tier tournaments. Why did we need another? One round of no push skins at Lower Cato Falls plus a mixer for a second round was used. The mixer was held at Rollin Ridge using a mix of baskets per skill level. Three Tee Doubles mixing divisions of similar skills gave players a chance to play with people they normally do not get to play with during tournament play. The format starts all cards at the middle tee. When the hole is parred, next hole starts from the middle tee. If bogie or over, next tee goes from the short tee. When birdie,  next hole plays from the long tee. Not many courses have three tees for most every hole, which is why Rollin Ridge was selected for this format.


Huge thank you to Rollin Ridge for providing Tournament Central for the 2017 Finale. Such a wonderful and interesting place to have a beverage and snack while getting out of the chill, rain or heat. Oh yeah and the golfing is true golf. A thinking persons, use your entire bag of discs and most of your bag of trick shots course. Josh Hamm for the 3rd straight year served as Finale host, vendor and a kind sponsor in addition to volunteering. Josh has greatly enhanced these most recent Finales'. Add vendors / sponsors from Riverside Disc Shop, Pandamonium, Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch and Rollin Ridge to supply a good variety for Am earnings with much disc paraphernalia.


It seems players enjoyed the format used in 2017. The WI Disc Golf Tour is not set on certain formats for 2018. We did like the skins and the Three Tee Doubles.  Format can depend on the courses used, so three tee may be replaced. We do know that Finale 2018 will be at Silver Creek in Manitowoc next October where we have 38 baskets on 36 fairways with possible safari holes to mess around with. People have half the season to give us ideas for format. Please do.

To the players, TD’s, sponsors, volunteers and communities that made The WI Disc Golf Tour a great experience…………..thank you very much. What will 2018 bring?

2017 DIVISION CHAMPIONS with bits of information

OPEN                                                            CJ King

                       Won by 5 points, with no wins. 4 players finished within 100 points of CJ

                       Nate Doss had 1 win, Adam Hammes had 3 wins

PRO WOMEN                                               Holly Finley      

                       Won by 99 points with 3 wins. Valarie Jenkins had 1 win

PRO MASTER                                              Steve Held    

                       Won by 136 points with 6 wins

PRO GRAND MASTER                                 Johnny Pecunia

                       Won 5 of 6 stops entered

PRO SENIOR GRAND MASTER                  Brad Wendt

                       Played all 5 black disc earned stops winning 2

ADVANCED                                                   Aaron De Vries

                       Won by 132 points with 1 win. kasey Chambers won 3 stops

ADVANCED WOMEN                                    Lori Locke

                       Won by 63 points, no wins. Three other women had 2 wins apiece


ADVANCED MASTER                                   Brandon Theriault

                       Dominated winning 8 of 9 stops entered

ADVANCED GRAND MASTER                     Tom mC Manus

                       Won by 157 points winning 3 stops - Doug Gorman also won 3 stops


                       Dominated by winning 5 of out 7 entries

INTERMEDIATE                                             Boon Mee Vue

                       Won by 8 points winning his last 4 stops

INTERMEDIATE WOMEN                              Ashley Ferus

                        Won by 41 points winning 5 of 6 entries

RECREATIONAL                                            Austin Reignier

                         Won by 75 points with 4 wins

RECREATIONAL WOMEN                             Lea Vanden Branfen

                         Won by 86 points with 2 wins. Seven women won a stop in this division

NOVICE                                                           Matthew Soll

                          Won by 53 points with no wins. Eight men won in this division