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Wisconsin Disc Sports Development Awards
2000 - 2023

Over the past 24 years, Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour players have contributed to this fund which supports deserving projects. Listed below are communities which have been awarded funds for their respective projects. Requests should be submitted to a board member by November 1 for consideration.



All golfers in the state benefit from this fund, both touring players and recreational. As the tour grows, we hope to increase the project awards in the future. Keep participating and watching the number of courses increase because you support disc sports here in Wisconsin!

Over 80 baskets have been awarded over these 24 years. Disc sports promotion contributed to College Ultimate Nationals and the Wisconsin Physical Education / Parks & Rec Shows, plus support for the EDGE Foundation, youth discs and a Z machine that is used for freestyle. The Z machine is used for demonstrations at Wisconsin events, clinics, etc.

128 projects have been supported.  The tour has given awards to these courses to help grow the sport for both recreational and competitive players/courses.

If you are interested in discussing your project, just send us amessage:

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