At this time The Finale will be Hosted by Mountain Man and Northern Lights Disc Golf at the Highbridge Hills Disc Golf Complex in the beautiful October time of year. The Finale will take place October 10 with the hosts running an extra event on Sunday October 11. Players to need to earn their qualification into the Finale by accumulating points through this 2020 WI Disc Golf Tour.


As of early June, there have been several cancellations of WI Tour stops and with Covid – 19 Pandemic still in at least federal mandate we do not know the future. The PDGA is currently sanctioning WI tournaments including WI Disc Golf Tour stops, but please follow schedules to make sure you know how and even if tournaments change.

The WI Tour has always been open to any player on Earth. This does include qualifying for the Finale. The Finale is NOT closed to only WI players.


The format for this year’s Finale is still being formulated. Last year there were two formats used. A skins’ round where cards were earned by points accumulated during the season. Pools of cash were set up to reward the higher earned cards and divisions. MPO and FPO were the largest pools of cash. MA1 and FA1 divisions were the highest pay out pools for amateurs. The second round was a ratings based round where ALL players were carded by PDGA ratings. Pros earned cash and amateurs earned funny money even though there was a great mix of pro and am players on many cards. It was much fun to play with different players than during the season.


Your suggestions will be involved in what format or formats are used.
All Division Champion awards will be given out at the Finale.
With so many courses what percent of players shall we invite?
More information will be shared as knowledge is settled.


Good luck - Brad Wendt