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20 tournament “stops” were scheduled plus the Finale. Shoot the Moon was canceled. 1435 individuals played at least 1 stop. 43 people (3%) played at least 10 stops. 208 people (14%) played at least 5 stops. 458 (32%) played at least 3 stops.  There were 4581 roster entries. 107 tour rounds played on 47 courses (not counting variations) took place in 34 communities. Lake Superior Open used 6 courses with 4 located at Mt Du Lac Resort. A total of 7880 player rounds took place. All said and done, the Wisconsin Tour supplied a lot of roster spots. If players really looked for tournaments to enter regardless of travel distance, there were opportunities.  


21 divisions were awarded Black discs. 16 divisions earned Championship status. 9 stops had at least 14 divisions. Mad City Open had the most with 19. The Finale had 16 divisions, with 14 divisions in the singles round.


6 stops had more than 300 players, Mad City Open had most players with 356 and Silver Cup with 335. 6 more stops had more than 200 players. The smallest attendance was for Highbridge Hills Open with 81 players and Fox Valley Open with 139 players. These events could use more players promoting them. End of a busy season added to the 3 northern stops being in September has been a factor, but not like this. Perhaps the Highbridge Hills rumors of closing or the Mad City Open and Justin Trails Open combo weekend pulled people from HHO. There were a large number of players that did play both MCO and Justin Trails, quite a commitment itself.  


Finale hosted by the Stevens Point club at Standing Rocks included 156 players representing 16 divisions. A no-push skins round and a divisional round were played with a combined payout of $9071. Vendors including Disc Golf Experience, Pandemonium, Platypus Disc Works and Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf Ranch provided $6726 in merchandise prizes including $10 am player packs. Randy Schukar made on site tacos and pulled pork sandwich options making lunch easy. Beers were taped after rounds. 26 of the 33 division award plaques were claimed during the event awards ceremony to end the day. There was a second place tie so Brad had another 2nd place plaque made. Most people were out of the park by dark.TD, John Terlap, had big help from Big Daddy Tom Jenkins while Brad made sure awards and trophy discs were claimed by the correct people. A great day. Weather was fantastic as well.  


Trophy discs; There were 271 Black DX Aviars Disc’s plus 18 multiple color Champion Roc 3 trophy disc’s for the Finale. All the Finale Roc’s were given away at the event. Of the 13 unawarded Black Aviars there are only 9 left. Some were given away as thank you gifts. I did write “Not a Trophy” in silver Sharpie on the bottoms of most of them. If Shoot the Moon had not been canceled there would most likely have been just enough trophy discs ordered this year. 166 players won at least 1 Black Disc. 29 players won more than one.     


The 2022 WI Tour was a great success. The ever growing number of tournaments added to the diverse collection of tour stops. Having Innova Disc Golf sponsor the Trophy discs again put them as the #1 supporter this year. Their kindness allows for more creativity and enhances the basics of the tour and Finale.  Thank you to the people that did move the Innova Canopy and banners from stop to stop during the season. Because of their help Innova is sponsoring the Trophy discs again in 2023. It was wonderful to partner with every WI Tour tournament, you people are the WI Tour. 


Congratulations to all the Division plaque winners, Champion and Runner up. There were some very close competitive divisions, as well as a few blow outs.

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