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2022 Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour Report

Brad Wendt  January 2023


20 tournament “stops” were scheduled plus the Finale. Shoot the Moon was canceled. 1435 individuals played at least 1 stop. 43 people (3%) played at least 10 stops. 208 people (14%) played at least 5 stops. 458 (32%) played at least 3 stops.  There were 4581 roster entries. 107 tour rounds played on 47 courses (not counting variations) took place in 34 communities. Lake Superior Open used 6 courses with 4 located at Mt Du Lac Resort. A total of 7880 player rounds took place. All said and done, the Wisconsin Tour supplied a lot of roster spots. If players really looked for tournaments to enter regardless of travel distance, there were opportunities.

2023 Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour

Brad Wendt  January 2023

A great addition to the WI Tour is The Spring Fling Women’s Open hosted by Lakeshore Ladies, directed by Lindsey Krause is exciting for several reasons. It is the first WI Tour tournament for protected divisions. Lindsey asked to get on the tour, and it was an easy yes. The tour group changed the “all divisions” rule last year to supporting select division tournaments. The group discusses where the tour is every off season, using suggestions from players in the discussion. This tournament is based out of Rollin Ridge and could include Cato Falls. This event is well sponsored and poised for growth.

One Project at a Time
Jim Van Lanen Jr  December 2013

When volunteers get together and work toward a goal, the result is multiplied by the effort.  One of the 2012 WDSA supported projects, Sugar Creek Park in Brussels, reflects this spirit in Spades.  Project organizer, Tim ”Hildy” Hildebrand has a vision for Door County which includes numerous disc golf courses.  Looking at many potential locations including Potawatami State Park and Penninsula State Park just to name a few, Hildy decided to focus his efforts on a smaller, less well known county park aptly named Sugar Creek.

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