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The FINALE - Sept 26th Riverside Park (West Bend)


You qualify for this tournament by finishing in the top of your division based on points earned at WI Tour stops. Please see the tour standings for the latest results.

Pro Men                  $60           Advanced Men                $40        

Pro Women             $50           Advanced Women           $40

Pro Master              $50           Advanced Master            $40

Pro Grand Master   $50           Advanced GrandMaster  $40           
Intermediate Men   $40            Intermediate Women       $40

Recreational           $20           Junior (16 & Under)         $20

*Non-current PDGA members must add $10 fee to entry.*

We will play two rounds of 22 holes. Player Check- In   7:30 – 8:30 am

Players meeting    8:30 am and Estimated tee off  9:00 am


Registration for qualifiers needs to be received by September 21st to secure a spot in the Finale.  If you register, but have not qualified, you will be placed on the wait list. To be eligible to play in the Finale, you must have played in at least one Wisconsin Tour event for 2014.  The wait list will be used to fill the remaining spots after September 21st.  Anyone on the wait list that is not able to play will have their entry fee refunded.  Entries are limited to 110 players.

Tour Standings


In Wisconsin, we have an active tour that tracks player’s scores for a series of tournaments. The tour provides the “most coveted” black disc for each division’s champion at each tour stop. At the end of the season, trophies are awarded to the state champion and the top participants in each division at our end of the season finale.



There are 2 fees (or funds) that each player incurs while playing at all Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour stops. These extra monies are included in your entry fee for the tournament. First, we have a disc sports development fund that is collected from every player at each stop, this fee is $2. This money is made available for major upgrades on existing courses or installations of new courses here in the state. Second, we have a tour participation fee that pays for trophies and prizes/purse for the season finale. All Pro, Advanced, Intermediate and Recreational divisions pay $1 per tour stop into this fund. Juniors are not required to pay this fee. NEW IN 2014, tour finale registration fees will be set at standard B-Tier levels to further increase the payouts.



NEW IN 2015 - The Tour will be tracking all divisions which show enough interest.


1. For divisions offered by the TD with 3 or more players, the tour will track points and offer a black disc to the division winner.


2. If a particular division is recognized and has participation at 5 or more events, the tour will award a Tour Champion for that division at the end of the season.


3. This is a points series meaning that the player earning the most points through the season becomes Tour Champion.  (Point totals are from the player's best 8 tournaments.)

A note to players,  Most TD's will be agreeable to include additional divisions if they are contacted in advance and if they are assured of having a minimum of players in that division.


Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour Division Champions & Tour Finale


In addition to the PDGA points you will earn on the tour at our stops, you will also earn Wisconsin points for your play on the tour. Participants will be awarded points based on their finish within their division. We award 100 points for first place regardless of the number within the division (3 person minimium). Points for the rest of the division will be a percentage of 100. For example if there are 4 players, first gets 100 points, 2nd gets 75 points, 3rd gets 50 points, and 4th 25 points. The intent is to evenly balance out the points awarded at smaller events with the larger attended events. These points you earn from your “best 8″ stops will help determine the divisional state champions for the season as well as who gets invited to the tour finale. This years’ finale will only be a 1 day event so spots in this will be hard to come by. We will only award spots to players based on their finish throughout the season. Make sure and play in as many events as you can to get a spot.

Additional funds may be raised through fundraisers at any stop from the sale of merchandise. Please contribute generously to help make this a great tour that other states will look to as an example of a well-run, fun tour. We do this because we love it. Do not ever forget to keep it fun! For other specifics on any stop, contact the tournament director listed on the official tour calendar.

2014 Tour Champions

Wisconsin Tour Coordinators

Year     Coordinator      Assistant

2015     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2014     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2013     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2012     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2011     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2010     Tom Jenkins     Brad Wendt

2009     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2008     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2007     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2006     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2005     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2004     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

Year     Coordinator      Assistant

2003     Tom Jenkins     Eric Paulson

2002     Randy Schukar

2001     Randy Schukar

2000     Randy Schukar

1999     Randy Schukar

1998     Randy Schukar

1997     Randy Schukar

1996     Mike Cozzens    Michelle Cozzens

1995     Bill Stolpa

1994     Eric Paulson     Tom Jenkins-John Elsner

1993     Eric Paulson     Tom Jenkins-John Elsner












CHAD             INMAN

JOHN             PECUNIA


TODD            FARNHAM



TOM              MC MANUS

MIKE             WRIGHT

LORI              LOCKE